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BumperBar Splash Proof Garnish Tray Lids (Quantity x 5)

BumperBar Splash Proof Garnish Tray Lids (Quantity x 5)

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Introducing our BumperBar Garnish Tray Lids – your ultimate sidekick for stylishly spicing up your mixology game!

🔒 Lock in the Flavor: With a set of 5 lids, these splash-proof wonders keep your garnishes secure, preventing any unwanted party mix-up mishaps.

🛡️ Built to Last: Crafted for durability, these lids are your trusty companions for countless gatherings. Let the good times flow without worrying about wear and tear.

🧼 Rubber Gasket Magic: The secret ingredient? A snug rubber gasket that ensures your garnishes stay fresh and ready to impress, even when the party's in full swing.

*Please note: These lids are your garnish heroes, but they're not suited for TOP SHELF BumperBar garnish trays.

**Quick Reminder: This purchase is all about the lids – 5 lids to be exact. Garnish trays are not included in this mix, but the fun sure is!

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