The Problem

It all started one day, when a group of friends got together for a tailgate party before an event. While making cocktails for our fellow party goers, we quickly realized that the corrugated surface of our truck tailgate was not the optimum surface to be making drinks on. Cups were tipping, bottles were sliding and precious ounces of liquor and ice cold beer were being sacrificed on the hot surface of the tailgate. We thought to ourselves, “wouldn’t it be nice if we had a clean, flat, non-slip surface we could pour multiple drinks at a time on and at the same time, eliminate mess on our tailgate?”

The Solution

A few drinks later... Why not make a compact, portable bar system that can be easily packed and transported to any type of outdoor excursion or social gathering. Included within the bar system, would be all the necessities of a traveling mixologist: 

  • Removable custom bar mat
  • Cocktail garnish trays
  • Bar caddy organizer
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Cocktail umbrellas
  • Cocktail picks
  • Wine/bottle opener
  • Challenge coin (great as a napkin weight)
  • Stainless cocktail stirrer

...and even an optional ice bin, ice scoop, and cutting board.


This is how the original BumperBar was born!


What We've Learned

Although our initial intentions were to create a compact, portable bar system for use while tailgating, we've learned that the BumperBar is great for all social gatherings! The BumperBar can be used for home entertaining, BBQs, camping, boating, fishing, wineries, the beach, concerts, and any other social gathering that involves adult beverages.

Not into drinking? The BumperBar can also be used as a clean, organized surface for catering and food spreads such as a sandwich station, nacho bar, charcuterie, coffee bar, soda bar, etc. It's uses are endless!  We've even had a member of our BumperBar Family use his as a fly tying station between fly fishing excursions!

Top Shelf BumperBar used for fly tying for fly fishing


Where We Are Now

At this point in time, we currently have two collections of handmade BumperBars available for purchase, and an all new "Well" injection molded BumperBar in production, available for pre-order.


“Top Shelf” BumperBars

This BumperBar is truly the Top Shelf of our collections of BumperBars. Premium handmade, solid walnut construction in a natural finish, each exhibiting its own character.


”Call” BumperBars

You make the call on the color of your BumperBar. Handmade, solid wood construction available in 5 standard colors to represent your favorite team or theme!


“Well” BumperBars

Heavy duty, injection molded plastic BumperBar models are currently in production and available for pre-sale.


There is no other product like ours in the world! We are extremely excited to provide you with the BumperBar, which will undoubtedly enhance your entertaining experience!