Our Story

From our humble beginnings as childhood buddies with a mission, we set out to eradicate party fouls across the nation. The problem arose during a tailgate party, where the corrugated truck tailgate proved to be an inadequate surface for crafting drinks. This led us to envision a solution: a compact, portable bar system that would revolutionize outdoor excursions and social gatherings.

Inspired by a few rounds of drinks, the idea took shape – a portable bar system complete with a custom bar mat, garnish trays, caddy organizer, napkins, and everything a traveling mixologist could dream of. The original BumperBar was born, featuring optional additions like an ice bin, scoop, and cutting board.

Our journey has taught us that the BumperBar's versatility extends beyond tailgating. It's become the life of all social gatherings, from BBQs and wineries to camping trips and beach outings. Not limited to libations, it doubles as an organized surface for catering spreads like sandwiches, charcuterie, coffee, and more. The BumperBar has even found its place in unexpected uses, like a fly tying station for a fishing enthusiast.

Top Shelf BumperBar used for fly tying for fly fishing

Presently, we present you with a choice between two remarkable collections of BumperBars. Our distinguished "Top Shelf" line, a masterpiece of solid walnut craftsmanship exuding sophistication, and the cutting-edge "Well" BumperBars, meticulously crafted from heavy-duty injection-molded plastic, setting a new standard for durability and innovation. Your pathway to elevated entertainment starts with the BumperBar!

In the coming weeks and months we plan on launching additional customizable options to make your BumperBar truly one-of-kind and unique to you and your party crowd. 

The BumperBar stands alone in its innovation, and we are thrilled to provide a product that undoubtedly elevates your entertaining experience. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to eliminating party fouls and enhancing the way you celebrate life's moments. Cheers to many more unforgettable gatherings with the BumperBar!


Phil and Mark

Co-Founders of BumperBar