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BumperBar Mat

BumperBar Mat

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Attention, cocktail enthusiasts! If depth perception isn't your forte, or if you tend to embrace generous pours, our custom bar mat is your guardian angel for your  BumperBar. No more worrying about splashes and spills as the party ramps up – we've got you covered. As the night unfolds and coordination wanes, spills become an inevitable dance partner.

Trust us, investing in your WELL BumperBar bar mat is a wise move. We've all been there – battling a hangover while tackling post-party cleanup is no fun. Plus, did you know that this mat has enough space for that one brave soul who dares to take the legendary "bar mat shot" (a.k.a. Gorilla Fart) at the evening's close?


• Crafted from durable, heavy-duty silicone

• Dishwasher-safe for your convenience

• Certified food-safe for worry-free use

• Doubles as stylish place settings

• Designed exclusively for Plastic BumperBars (Please note: Not compatible with TOP SHELF BumperBars)

Enhance your BumperBar experience – grab your WELL BumperBar bar mat today and ensure your gatherings stay splendidly spill-free!

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