Top Lake Boats, Pontoons, and Fishing Boats of 2024

Top Lake Boats, Pontoons, and Fishing Boats of 2024

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Are you looking to buy your next boat? Whether it's dragging your favorite friends and families behind a ski boat, or hosting them on a luxurious day at your local lake, BumperBar is the world’s #1 portable boating bar and can make all of these scenarios easier to entertain. But you need a boat first! So let’s take a look at the best boats on the market right now in 2023 and 2024,  see who makes them, and what they cost, and provide you with links to build your own on their sites. 

The best Lake Boats on the Market are…

AXOPAR Boats: Ideal for High-Energy Boat Parties

Axopar 22 T-Top: Compact, high-performance, and sleek, the Axopar 22 T-Top is perfect for dynamic boat parties. Its ease of handling and powerful outboard engine, reaching up to 40 knots, make it an excellent choice for those who love water sports and lively gatherings. Equipped with the "BumperBar," it becomes an even more appealing venue for entertaining on the water. The 22 Top starts at $43,445 and can go up above $60,000 in a blink of an eye when you start adding more customization. View Axopar 22 by clicking here

Axopar 25 Cross Top:

For a more upscale party experience, the Axopar 25 Cross Top offers luxury and speed (up to 50 knots) in a spacious setting.Th3 25 Cross Top begins at $57,111.05 and again can easily climb to $75,000 after you consider custom sound, paint jobs, and more.  Its well-appointed interior is ideal for sophisticated boat parties, enhanced by the convenience and functionality of the "BumperBar." Click to visit the Axopar 25

Crownline Boats: The Party Choice for Lakes

Crownline's range of ski and wakeboard boats are not just for sports enthusiasts but are also perfect for hosting vibrant lake parties. Their sleek design, combined with powerful engines, creates an exhilarating party atmosphere, especially when paired with the "BumperBar" for seamless entertaining They are one of the world’s most expensive lake boats starting at $100,000 to $135,000 depending upon the model and that’s not even including the custom features you may add on their build a Crowline Boat generator found here:Click here to visit Crownline

Starcraft Boats SVX OB-191 OB: Durable and Affordable Party Platforms

Starcraft's reputation for durable and performance-oriented boats extends to hosting enjoyable water parties. The SVX 191 starts at $59,000 and the prices climb faster based on the year of production, custom sound, paint, and more features. Their affordability makes them accessible to a broad range of party planners, and the addition of a "BumperBar" can transform these boats into a central hub for lake celebrations. Click here to see the SVX OB

The best Pontoon Boats for an Amazing day on the lake are…

Starcraft Boats: 

With over a century of quality boat-making, Starcraft's pontoon boats offer stability and space – key elements for any successful boat party. Their HMX Performance Strakes ensure a smooth ride, complemented by the "BumperBar" for an unparalleled party experience. Custom pontoon boats can also be built online ranging from $19,000 to $100,000. Build yours today by clicking here

Sunchaser Boats:

Known for their versatility and comfort, Sunchaser boats are perfect for family-friendly or casual gatherings on the water. The "BumperBar" addition makes hosting and entertaining effortless and enjoyable. You can build your pontoon boat online ranging from $19,000 to $90,000 or more. With five (5) different models and pricing, check them out here: SunChase Pontoon builds a boat.

Ingenity Electric Boats: The Luxury Brand of Pontoon Boats

For eco-conscious party hosts, Ingenity's electric-powered pontoon boats offer an environmentally friendly option without sacrificing the fun and functionality, especially when equipped with a "BumperBar." Ingenity has a unique 3D boat creator online where you can create your own custom pontoon boat starting at $249,000. Click here to build your own Ingenity Pontoon boat now

Top Fishing Boats that BumperBar recommends

Nitro Z19 Sport: Land the Next Big One

The Nitro Z19 Sport is a versatile boat, ideal for both anglers and passengers. It features a 150hp Mercury 4-stroke engine (upgradeable to 200hp), a Minn-Kota 12V trolling motor with a foot pedal, and a fiberglass transom. It also includes amenities like a flush-mounted fishfinder, AM/FM Bluetooth stereo, insulated cooler, and live well. Pricing starts at $34,995. Click here to research the Z19 Sport

Carolina Skiff 19 LS

This center console fishing boat is equipped with a 90hp motor, available in Honda, Suzuki, Mercury, or Yamaha options. It’s 19 feet long with a fiberglass hull and transom, featuring rod savers, drink holders, a removable cooler, a large steering wheel, a live well, and a swim platform. The Skiff 19 LS starts at $27,079. Research the Skiff 19 LS by clicking here

Bass Buggy 16XL Select

A pontoon fishing boat, the Bass Buggy 16XL Select is 16 feet long and 8 feet wide, ideal for fishing and family time. It includes dual bow fishing chairs, a forward-console live well, and standard features like a bimini top and an AM/FM Bluetooth audio system. Bass Buggy starts at $11,990 and click here to learn more

How BumperBar can make that next lake day more memorable

BumperBar, a versatile portable bar, is an exceptional addition to any lake day, transforming ordinary boat outings into unforgettable experiences. For instance, on high-energy Axopar boats, such as the Axop 22 T-Top and Axop 25 Cross Top, BumperBar can elevate the party atmosphere. 

These boats, ideal for dynamic and upscale gatherings, become even more appealing with the inclusion of BumperBar. Your new Boating Bar perfectly complements the range of ski and wakeboard boats from Crownline and the durable, performance-oriented Starcraft Boats. For those seeking a vibrant party on the lake, Crownline boats, with their sleek design and powerful engines, offer an exhilarating setting for entertainment when paired with the BumperBar. 

When you shell out $20,000 to $100,000 or even more, BumperBar with its price tag of $150 - $700 depending upon the model is a kick in the pan. Click here to build your BumperBar

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