Production Is Finally Complete!

Production Is Finally Complete!

First of all, our sincerest apologies for not posting an update sooner.  We wanted to wait until production completely finished and our BumperBars were loaded in the container and delivered to the outbound port.  We have been told for six weeks or so that production would be complete in about 2 weeks.  Throughout this process, we have had to adopt the "believe it when we see it" mentality.  I'm sure many of you feel the same.  This has taken far too long, and the explanations (excuses) are endless.  Had we known this process would have taken so long, we would have never launched our Kickstarter campaign when we did.  This has been a very difficult 12 months, on just about every level, to manufacture a new product.  We have been getting a lot of emails, Facebook posts, Kickstarter messages, etc. wondering what is going on so we figured we owe you all an overdue update...

They are not loaded in the container yet, but they are all fully assembled, accessories packed, and sitting in their boxes.  We are finalizing the rest of the logistics (freight, outbound and inbound customs, etc.) details and the container should be packed and sitting at the port waiting to leave next week.  As soon as we have the booking information, we will post another update, as well as an update on the freight progress and notify you when we have finally received them.  

The next update should be coming very soon.

Below is a video that the factory made for us.  We think it's pretty cool to see the fully automated injection mold process and the CNC printing process they needed to adopt for our recessed logo.  The logo printing has been responsible for many delays and the majority of the delays in the last 2 months.  Apparently, they burned through so many lids trying to get it right that they had to load up the molds in their machines again to make more.


One of many pallets waiting to be packed into the container...

Pallet of boxed Well BumperBars waiting to be shipped

Thank you again for your continued patience and support.  As always, if you changed your mind throughout this process and would like a refund, just let us know and we will process it right away.  We are also offering a full credit plus an additional 20% off on the BumperBar lines we do have in stock at  If you would like to trade in your new Well BumperBar for a Call or Top Shelf BumperBar, please let us know and we will process that for you.


Phil and the BumperBar Team

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