Finally, Something To Look At!

Finally, Something To Look At!

After many delays in the tooling, we have finally received some progress photos of the molds. Apparently, these molds started as over 20,000 pounds of tool grade steel. Each mold has 2 precision CNC machined pieces, a top and a bottom. When they are pressed together, they leave a void that hot, liquid plastic is injected into under extreme pressure. The mold is then cooled and separated to reveal the part(s). The base and the lid of the BumperBar each have their own mold. The garnish, napkin and organizer trays, as well as the handle and latches are all made on one mold, known as a family mold. We should have our first samples out of the molds in 30-45 days. Once we receive and inspect them, any necessary modifications or adjustments are made to the molds, then new samples are made and checked. Finally, providing everything is good, mass production of BumperBar begins! 


Bottom Half of Base Mold



Bottom Half of Lid Mold



Precision CNC Machining

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