2023-2024 NFL Fantasy Football Recap

2023-2024 NFL Fantasy Football Recap

2023-2024 NFL Fantasy Football Recap

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If you participated in or are considering participating in a fantasy football league next year, read this short article to find the NFL’s top leaders, and surprises, and take note of your picks in the playoffs as well as next year. While you’re at it, why not mix up a nice drink with BumperBar as you plan out your next picks and moves?

The Unknown Point Collector

In the realm of fantasy football, amidst a sea of overlooked talents, there emerged a true underdog in Puka Nacua. In ESPN leagues, he went almost entirely unnoticed during preseason drafts, with a mere 1.6% selection rate, placing him among the ranks of the almost completely undrafted. To put it in perspective, a staggering 91 wide receivers were chosen by a greater percentage of fantasy managers.

Yet, Nacua defied the odds and delivered a stunning performance, becoming the ultimate sleeper pick. He not only surpassed all expectations but also outshone every player selected later than the 180th overall pick in drafts, amassing a remarkable 298.5 PPR fantasy points.

Nacua's rise from obscurity to fantasy stardom serves as a testament to the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the game, reminding us all that in fantasy football, hidden gems can emerge from the unlikeliest of places.

Hand McCaffrey the Ball and Rack up Points

The 49ers clinched the the No. 1 Seed for the NFC but their running back, Christian McCaffrey was a man on a mission. Despite dealing with a calf injury that sidelined him in Week 18, Christian McCaffrey proved once again why he's a fantasy football legend. He secured the third spot on the fantasy leaderboard for the season, racking up an impressive 391.3 PPR fantasy points. His dominance was evident as he held a commanding 100.8-point lead over the second-ranked running back, Breece Hall. This victory margin stands as the third-largest in running back history, only surpassed by McCaffrey's own 156.4 margin in 2019 and Emmitt Smith's 110.6 in 1995.

McCaffrey's consistency shone throughout the season, with an astounding 12 top-seven positional weekly finishes, the most in the league. Even in his 16 healthy games, he never dipped below a top-21 finish, a feat unmatched by any other skill-position player. Notably, he was a staple on an incredible 58.9% of ESPN finalists' teams, showcasing his unmatched value in fantasy football.

When healthy, there's no denying that Christian McCaffrey remains the ultimate force at his position, making him a must-have asset for any fantasy football enthusiast.

Check out his full season’s stats here: LINK

Swimming his Way to Shore

Raheem Mostert is the ultimate fantasy football steal, defying all expectations. Sporting an average ADP (Average Draft Position) of RB37, he shocked the NFL by claiming the top spot in the league with an astonishing 21 total touchdowns, 18 of which were rushing touchdowns. When the dust settled, Mostert secured his place as fantasy's RB5, accumulating an impressive 267.7 points.

What's truly remarkable is that at the age of 31, Mostert still possesses the explosive traits that make him a dynamic runner. He's lightning-fast and can break free at any moment. Credit must also go to head coach Mike McDaniel, who strategically placed Mostert in scoring position. In fact, Mostert's 18 red zone touchdown runs were tied for the league lead with none other than Christian McCaffrey.

Check out his full season’s stats here: LINK

A Rising Star is Born

In the world of fantasy football, there's a rising star on the horizon, and his name is Kyren Williams. Among running backs, he claimed the second spot, averaging an impressive 21.1 points per game (PPG). What sets him apart is his ability to find the end zone, notching a remarkable 15 total touchdowns in just 12 games. 

Williams possesses a unique blend of decisiveness and instinct as a runner, making him a force to be reckoned with. He thrives under the heavy workload within Sean McVay's system, showcasing his ability to carry the team on his shoulders. As we look ahead to 2024, there's no doubt that Williams is poised to be a top-three back, promising fantasy football owners an exciting and reliable asset for the upcoming season.

Check out his full season’s stats here: LINK

Returning to the Point “Hall”

In the realm of fantasy football, some stories leave us in awe, and Breece Hall's journey is one for the books. Despite the devastating setback of tearing his ACL in Week 7 of the 2022 season, Hall managed to defy all odds and secure the coveted RB2 spot in scoring for the year. Let that sink in for a moment – it's truly remarkable.

Hall is a true home run hitter, known for his explosive plays, and he didn't disappoint. In addition to his rushing prowess, he showcased his versatility by catching an impressive 76 passes. What sets him apart are his seven games with a stunning 20 or more fantasy points. One highlight that stands out is his jaw-dropping performance in Week 16, where he dropped an astounding 43.1 fantasy points on Washington, leaving fantasy managers everywhere in disbelief.

Breece Hall's resilience and ability to excel despite adversity make him a true fantasy football legend, a player who reminds us that greatness knows no boundaries and can shine even in the face of adversity.

Check out his full season’s stats here: LINK

Only 1 in 4 people picked De’Von Achane

In the world of fantasy football, sometimes the biggest surprises come from the least expected places. Take Achane, for instance. During the preseason, he was virtually ignored, drafted in a mere 28% of ESPN leagues, flying under the radar. After a quiet Week 2, where he managed just two touches and 1.9 PPR fantasy points due to sitting out the opener, he was ranked a modest RB48 as Week 3 approached.

But then, something magical happened. Achane burst onto the scene, becoming a pivotal figure in his team's dominating 70-20 victory over the Broncos. It was just the beginning of a remarkable journey. Over the course of his final nine healthy games, he delivered an incredible five performances with 20 or more points, defying all expectations and proving that in fantasy football, true gems can emerge from obscurity. Achane's story is a reminder that the thrill of fantasy football lies in the unpredictability of the game, where a hidden talent can turn the tides of your season in the most unexpected ways.

Check out his full season’s stats here: LINK


Top Playoff Picks for Fantasy Football

These suggestions are only our take on possible match-ups and points. You are the Head Coach but look into these possible stars when the pig skin hits the turf. 

CeeDee Lamb

When it comes to fantasy football, the playoffs are where the champions are crowned, and CeeDee Lamb is a name you'll want to remember for that crucial postseason push. Despite a slow start, Lamb has been on fire, averaging a jaw-dropping 116 yards per game since Week 6. 

Looking ahead, the playoff potential for Lamb is undeniably enticing. His journey begins with a promising matchup against Green Bay, setting the stage for an excellent opening round. But what truly makes him a valuable asset is our projection that Dallas will play three games in the postseason.

In fantasy football, it's all about seizing the moment, and Lamb's late-season surge hints at the kind of impact he can have when it matters most. So, as you prepare for the playoffs, keep CeeDee Lamb on your radar, because he has the potential to be the difference-maker that leads your team to glory in those critical postseason matchups.

Deebo Samuel

When it comes to fantasy football playoffs, it's all about finding those hidden gems that can give your team the edge. Deebo Samuel is one such gem, and his potential impact in the postseason is worth noting. In terms of PPR points per game, Samuel narrowly outperformed Brandon Aiyuk, boasting an impressive 16.2 compared to Aiyuk's 15.7.

What sets Samuel apart is his versatility, and his rushing production plays a significant role in his fantasy value. He managed an impressive 37 rushes for 225 yards and 5 touchdowns, showcasing his ability to contribute in various ways. 

Moreover, the potential for Samuel to step up becomes even more significant if Christian McCaffrey faces any setbacks due to his calf injury. Samuel could shoulder some of the load, making him an even more valuable asset for your fantasy team during the playoffs.

Looking ahead, our projections suggest that San Francisco is poised to play three games and potentially make it to the Super Bowl. This not only increases Samuel's opportunities but also underscores his importance as a player to watch during the fantasy football playoffs. Keep a close eye on Deebo Samuel, as he has the potential to be a game-changer when it matters most in the postseason.

Will the Playoffs Rain SuperBowl Zay Flowers?

Fantasy football playoffs are all about making strategic moves, and one player you should keep a close eye on is Zay Flowers of the Ravens. In Week 18, Baltimore made the smart move to rest Flowers, and although he had missed practices due to a calf injury, it was likely due to the team's secured status as the No. 1 seed. As we look ahead to the postseason, we have reason to believe that Flowers will be healthy post-bye and ready to make a significant impact.

What makes Flowers an exciting prospect is his potential to contribute to a Super Bowl run for Baltimore. With the Ravens in contention, his presence on the field becomes even more crucial. During the regular season, the rookie showcased his ability, averaging 4.8 catches and 53.6 yards per game, proving to be a reliable target for the team's quarterback.

As fantasy managers prepare for the playoffs, Zay Flowers is a player with immense potential, and his role in Baltimore's postseason journey could make all the difference. So, keep an eye on Flowers as a valuable asset that could help carry your team to championship glory.

Travis Kelce powered by Swifties

Ah, Travis Kelce, the tight end extraordinaire! Now, let's address the elephant in the room - he did have his worst fantasy season since 2016, and we can't just sweep that under the rug. But hold on to your fantasy football helmets because the playoffs are a whole different ballgame!

Why, you ask? Well, here's where the magical power of Taylor Swift comes into play. As they say, "Shake it Off," and Kelce could very well do just that. Imagine him channeling his inner Swiftie, shaking off the regular season woes, and bouncing back with a vengeance in the postseason.

And guess what? He's got a home matchup with Miami's seriously banged-up defense. It's like Taylor Swift herself has composed a hit song about it! This matchup gives Kelce a legitimate shot at not just one, but possibly two or more games of fantasy glory.

So, as you consider Travis Kelce for your playoff roster, remember the magic of Taylor Swift and how it can help him rise above the regular season blues. After all, in fantasy football, anything can happen, especially when you've got a pop icon's inspiration on your side!


Dalton Kincaid

Fantasy football aficionados, if you're looking for a hidden gem for your playoff lineup, look no further than Dalton Kincaid of the Bills. This guy is ready to make an impact!

Kincaid's role has been steadily on the rise over the last two weeks of the regular season, and it's been quite the show. During this stretch, he notched an impressive 15 targets and racked up 171 yards. That's a clear sign that he's peaking at just the right time.

But here's where it gets exciting: Buffalo is on a roll, winning five straight games after a Week 13 bye. It's a testament to their playoff potential, and Kincaid is poised to be a part of that success. So, if you're seeking a savvy pick with the potential for postseason fireworks, Dalton Kincaid could be your secret weapon for fantasy football playoff glory.

How to Avoid Picking Point Benchwarmers

Alright, folks, let's spice up this fantasy football advice with a pinch of humor:

  1. Now, I'm no medical expert, but starting a skilled player fresh off a soft-tissue injury with a side of personnel adjustments? That's like ordering a pizza with pineapple and anchovies - it's just asking for trouble. Joshua Palmer may have been a fantasy hopeful stashed on the IR, but without Justin Herbert, he's about as visible as Bigfoot in a snowstorm. And as for Joshua Dobbs, well, let's just say he and Jefferson weren't exactly a match made in fantasy heaven. So, let Schultz and Collins chill on the bench until Stroud returns from his concussion protocol vacation.
  1. Repeated injuries, my friends, are like that stubborn stain on your favorite jersey - a massive red flag. I wouldn't trust my playoff matchup to Watson's hamstring even if it came with a money-back guarantee, and as for Hollywood Brown, well, let's just say his name won't be causing any fireworks on the fantasy marquee. Collins might just be joining the "injury-prone" club as well, so keep an eye on that.
  1. Ah, lower-body injuries to running backs - the fantasy equivalent of trying to turn lead into gold. Now, Stevenson, Jacobs, Mattison, and Robinson might be banging on your fantasy door, but don't let their sweet talk fool you. They're not exactly risk-free options. Think of them as your secret weapons, best deployed when the matchup stars align. Healthy Robinson vs. the Jets Stevenson vs. the Broncos in Week 16, and Jacobs vs. the Colts in Week 17 might just be your golden tickets to fantasy success.

How to Enjoy the Playoffs in Style

Picture this: you're gathered in your family room or out on the patio with friends and loved ones, the big game is on the screen, and you're immersed in the action. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen, mixing drinks, fetching ice, and dealing with spills. BumperBar, the ultimate drink-making and serving station, is here to ensure you stay in the heart of the action, all while keeping your guests refreshed and entertained.

Mixology Made Easy:

One of the best features of BumperBar is its ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a novice, creating the perfect game-day cocktails is a breeze. BumperBar comes equipped with a variety of built-in dispensers for your favorite liquors and mixers. Just a quick push or pull, and you've got a precisely measured pour, ensuring consistency and avoiding those "too strong" or "too weak" drinks that can disrupt your game-day vibes.

Mess-Free Zone:

Now, let's talk about the mess. With BumperBar, you can say goodbye to spills, sticky countertops, and the never-ending cycle of washing glasses. Its drip trays and spill-proof design keep any mishaps contained, allowing you to focus on the game and your guests, not the cleanup.

Game-Day Flexibility:

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Keeping Your Cool:

When it comes to game-day beverages, keeping them cold is crucial. BumperBar comes with an integrated ice bucket that can hold plenty of ice to keep your drinks chilled throughout the game. No more running back and forth to the fridge or cooler, leaving you more time to enjoy the company and the action on the screen.

Elevating the Game:

With BumperBar, you can take your game-day hosting to the next level. Impress your friends with your mixology skills, all while effortlessly keeping an eye on your fantasy football stats on your phone or tablet. The convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips allows you to be the ultimate host, offering your guests an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the NFL playoffs are a time to celebrate, connect, and enjoy the thrill of the game with friends and family. With BumperBar by your side, you can do all of this without missing a beat, creating delicious drinks with ease, maintaining a mess-free environment, and ensuring that your game-day festivities are unforgettable. So, this playoff season, elevate your hosting game and make the most of every moment, all while keeping an eye on your fantasy football stats – with BumperBar, it's a winning combination!

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